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Shadows In The Dark

“Christ, Bill! Did you bring the whole refrigerator?” Gail cried out as Bill hauled the third cooler from the back of his Dodge Caravan.

“I didn’t want anyone to go hungry!” Bill called back, and then reached in for yet another cooler. “Or thirsty!”

“He’s got a metabolism like a rabbit,” Lara, Bill’s wife, explained as she came around the back of the minivan, her long red hair whipping around her waist as she moved. Gail walked up to them, holding out her able hands.

“Gimmie somethin’,” she requested. Bill handed her the smallest cooler. Clinking and clanking noises came from within it. She raised one of her eyebrows at Bill, who grinned as he bent down to pick up cooler number one.

“Wine,” he explained. “We had a few open bottles and figured this weekend would be a good chance to finish them off.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Gail said as they headed up the short path to the lake cottage she and Rob owned. It was a hot July day. The sun was bright in a perfect blue sky, its rays bouncing up off Owl Lake’s mirror surface. Lara was eager to get into its waters. The humidity was thick like syrup in the air and was already making her body damp in the short time she had been out of the air conditioned van. She threw her backpack onto one shoulder and bent down to fetch cooler number two.

“Need help?” Rob, Gail’s husband, suddenly called as he stood right before Lara like a genie who had suddenly popped out of his bottle.

“Uh…yes,” Lara stammered as she found herself glancing straight up at Rob’s crotch. She took her eyes away from it, giggling.

“What?” Rob wondered, tilting his head like some mammoth Saint Bernard.

“Your package is right in my face, Rob. Thanks for the view,” Lara explained. Rob’s face turned a slight shade of pink as he started laughing.

“Oh, shit, sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s alright, you big lug. Help me carry this stuff.”

They headed into Rob and Gail’s cabin. This was the first weekend everyone could make a trip together, and they all seized at the chance. The cabin was massive, with four bedrooms, two and a half baths, sauna, greenhouse, large kitchen, dining room, great room, den, and a Jacuzzi on the balcony outside the master suite. The floors were all hard wood with some area rugs, apart from the bathrooms, which were carpeted. The decor was Native American. Lara gasped as she walked through the front door and cast her eyes upon the open staircase and the great room that lie beyond, deeper in the house.

“Oh my God! Gail! This is fantastic!” Lara shouted, setting down the cooler for fear of dropping it.

“Isn’t it something?” Meri, another of Lara’s coworkers agreed as she came walking down the steps. Meri, Gail, and Lara all worked together for the main library at the university. They had spent many afternoons together with their husbands at various parties and functions. The men had all become good friends, especially with Charles, another coworker of theirs, and the only man in their clique.

Meri’s small Indonesian frame was strong enough to nearly lift Lara off the floor as she hugged her. Lara laughed and gave her a peck on the cheek as her feet met the floor again.

“You should see the master bedroom! Their bed is huge! The bathrooms are gigantic! You should see the tub in the one by our room!”

“I can’t wait! Where’s Dan?”

“Upstairs, unpacking our stuff. Where’s Charles and Joan?”

They should be here pretty soon. They were following us, but I think they stopped for gas or… something.”

“Something?” Meri’s waxed eyebrows wiggled. “What kind of something?”

“I don’t know, Joan is pretty wild, almost as bad as you.”

“Well! We’ll have to see about that!” Meri laughed and they scooped up the cooler and headed for the kitchen.

Bill, Lara, Gail and Rob were unpacking Bill’s coolers when they heard a voice behind them.

“My God! You could fit a whole side of beef in that refrigerator!”

It was Dan. He had changed into a simple gray T-shirt and jean shorts. Meri wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply, bringing hoots and hollers from the small audience in the kitchen.

“Yeah, you can, actually,” Rob explained. “If you stack the cuts just right.”

“Hello?” They heard a man and woman calling from the front door.

“Come in!” Most of them yelled as Gail ran for the door, a tequila sunrise already in her hand.

“Hey!” She embraced Charles and Joan, who stood on the doorstep with travelling bags in their hands.

“Hey, Hurricane.” Charles hugged her. He had nicknamed her Hurricane when Hurricane Gail ripped across the oceans a few years ago.

“What kept you two?” Meri asked, with Lara standing right behind her.


First Time Anal By The Pool

It was a hot day and as soon as I could finish work I headed home with the intention of having some cold drinks and lazing round the pool. I’m in my early 40s (OK, 44) and live alone with my 18 year old daughter, Suzie. My divorce was settled recently and I’ve got no plans other than seeing Suzie through university and living a comfortable uncomplicated life.

I had just changed into swimming briefs and was pouring a scotch over a tumbler of ice when the doorbell rang. It was Jamie, one of Suzie’s friends from school days, who lives nearby. Suzie doesn’t have much time for her, and they share little in common, but Jamie doesn’t know when she’s not wanted. She hadn’t been around for a couple of weeks – not since a row caused by her trying to race off Suzie’s boyfriend (frankly, in my view, Jamie could have the worthless prick). But I suppose it was too much to hope that she’d stay away for long.

Today she was in high heel clogs, white hot pants and pink halter top, the ring in her belly button on display as well as her recently bleached hair with pink streaks, pink nails, and overkill makeup. ‘Hi Mr. D!’ she said, in a voice overly cheery to hide her insecurity. ‘Is Suzie at home?’ Jamie has long been a regular visitor, using our place as a refuge since she first started getting in trouble with her folks about four years ago – smoking, underage drinking, truancy, unsavoury boyfriends, drugs.

‘Sorry, Jamie, she’s got a couple of late lectures and is staying over at her mother’s place.’

I moved to close the door, but Jamie piped up again. ‘I was just hoping to chill out by the pool for a while, you know, ‘cos things are a bit tight at home just now.’ I raised an eyebrow and she went on. ‘I dropped out of TAFE yesterday – again! tee hee – and went round to Jay’s and got ripped and the olds are real pissed.’

I have trouble keeping up with Jamie’s misadventures. Having dropped out of school in year 11 her parents enrolled her for secretarial school. That lasted a few months then they got her into a vocational college for animal handling, but she dropped out of that. I think the last one was jewellery making or some such. As for Jay, he’s the latest loser in a string of doped up, dropped out, pasty-faced, hollow-eyed wasters that she’s hung out with.

I really wanted to be on my own but shrugged OK and she walked by me heading for the patio door, tottering on her clogs. I finished fixing my drink and debated whether I should change out of my skimpy briefs and into something more modest. But what the hell. Jamie had seen me round the pool in these togs and the shorts didn’t exactly reduce my gut or anything. I went outside, she was sitting on a lounge in a skimpy pink bikini, sunglasses perched on top of her head, applying sun cream to her legs. I sat and watched her as I sipped. Her skin was quite pale – despite having spent half the summer over here – and smooth. She was still quite adolescent in shape, a bit of puppy fat, smallish breasts, but shapely legs and her butt filled out her bikini nicely. Very nicely.

I finished my drink and got up for a second. ‘Wanna beer, Jamie?’

‘Uh, no thanks Mr D, I don’t really like beer.’ I shrugged. ‘But I’d love a vodka and orange!’ I shrugged again and headed inside. I fixed a more moderate scotch for myself, then the drink for Jamie, heavy on the vodka. She looked quite the try-hard wannabe sophisticate – lying back on the lounge, sunglasses, cigarette, cocktail. I chuckled inwardly and resumed my seat. It was good for a guy’s ego to have a pretty young thing almost naked about the place. I was conscious of her checking me out from behind her dark glasses and hoped I didn’t look too unattractive. I guess I’m carrying a bit more weight than I should, but my gut is smaller than most men my age, and it’s covered with a summer tan and a matt of brown hair that my wife always liked. And my arms and chest are still shapely enough from all the years of swimming. So all is all, I didn’t mind Jamie’s scrutiny, and anyway she’d been doing it all summer, even flirting with me when Suzie wasn’t around.

Jamie prattled on a bit about how boring her course had been, about music and so on. I didn’t need to contribute much more than a grunt every now and then. I swam a few laps and Jamie followed me into the pool, splashing about and making girly noises. I paused after ten laps and Jamie was sitting on the edge of the pool waiting for me to surface. Her open legs were inches from my nose and she giggled as she saw me staring at the tight fabric outlining her vulva. I had half a mind to tell the cock teaser to go home, but decided to splash her instead. She shrieked artificially and jumped in on top of me. We horsed around and she managed to press her tits against me several times and grope my butt and groin. I climbed out and dozed for a few minutes in the waning sun, while Jamie fussed with lotions and cigarettes. I took our glasses in for a top-up. When I returned, Jamie took her glass, had a gulp (not seeming to notice that it was almost a third vodka) then rolled onto her front and asked me to put tanning lotion on her back. I said the sun was so low that she didn’t need to worry and she tossed the hair out of her eyes and gave me a pouty look. I enjoy a bit of flirting and gave her a knowing grin.

‘So, like anyway,’ she said, ‘you haven’t said how you like my new tattoo.’ She had a dark blue celtic pattern in a swathe across the small of her back with a loopy arrow head in the middle pointing downward, its tip disappearing below her bikini line. It’s the kind of tattoo you see on women hanging around in malls and city corners. I had been kind of marvelling at it when she was splashing about in the pool. Jamie sure has a fierce instinct for downward mobility.

‘Well?’ she demanded, wriggling her butt in case I wasn’t looking hard enough.

‘I can’t see all of it, but I guess I like better where it’s pointing,’ I said, grinning again.

‘Mr D!’ she screeched in mock outrage, delighted that I was playing along.

We both took a slug from our drinks. I hunched forward and said, ‘So, are you going to show me all of it?’

‘Uh huh,’ she replied all bright eyed. She reached back and inched the hem of her bikini halfway down her butt. I was more interested in the yummy butt crack and swell of her pale cheeks, than the final swirl of the tattoo. She was watching me, mouth slightly parted, as she held her bikini down – longer than was necessary – then inched it even lower.

I got up and walked the three paces over to her lounge, then crouched down beside her. I ran my hand over her lower back, tracing the edges of the tattoo, then following it down to the parting of her buttocks. ‘It doesn’t do you justice,’ I murmured, massaging the firm mounds. Her eyes had widened and she was panting – nervousness? anticipation? I continued to massage her butt, nudged her hands away and pushed the bikini bottom further down, revealing the full glory of her 18 year old bum. I massaged it in a full round motion, managing to graze her perineum with my fingertips and trailing my thumbs through her humid cleft. I paused and nudged her thighs. She was quick to spread them wider and now I was able to touch her labia as I massaged.

‘You like that, Jamie?

‘Yes, Mr D.’

‘Do you want me to stop?’


Coming Out Party

It’s eight o’clock on a warm June morning here in New York. While my exhausted wife is sleeping soundly, I’m sitting at the desk in our hotel room writing an account of last night while the lurid details are still fresh in my mind.

I fly to The City nearly every month. A couple of times each year my beautiful wife accompanies me. Let me introduce you to Stacy because this is really about her. She has a stunningly beautiful face framed with long dark brown hair. On perfectly-shaped legs she stands five eight and weighs a trim 120 pounds. She could have been as successful as any super model but instead she chose marriage, children and making an ideal home for us in the suburbs.

As we cuddled in the afterglow of making love the night we arrived, she surprised me by asking, “Bob, for years I’ve wondered if you ever think about making love to other women?”

I confessed, “Sometimes I do. How about you Stace, do you ever think about sleeping with other men?”

“Oh, not really,” was her careful response.

You should know that when Stacy crawled into our honeymoon bed nearly twenty years ago she was a virgin. But, from that first night she has been the most passionate, multi-orgasmic completely giving lover imaginable. My cock size and endurance are average. I knew that Stacy’s potential sexual appetite was not. Even though our lovemaking was always incredible, I felt certain Stacy had never climbed the sexual peaks she was capable of reaching. So, as you might expect, I had many secret dreams about her and her as yet unleashed sexuality. For some reason I decided that this was the moment to share a fantasy, one that had become an obsession. Cautiously, I said, “Honey, its not the thought of sleeping with other women that makes me hot. Do you want me to tell you what does?”

With child-like eagerness she begged, “Yes! Tell me!”

With some trepidation, I said, “Well, here goes then, I would love to watch or hear about you fucking guys with huge cocks.”

She seemed confused for a minute then laughed and said, “Oh, I get it, you’re kidding.”

“I’m absolutely serious,” I assured her.

The next morning with her sleepy head nestled on my shoulder, she whispered in her sexy voice, “Honey, I could never sleep with a man I didn’t love.”

“What on earth does love have to do with sex?” I challenged. “Look, It would make me hot as hell if you fucked other men! If it’s okay with me what’s wrong with it?”

Later, as I was tying my tie she pressed her naked breasts against my back, put her arms around me and said, “Honey, I would never risk losing you. I bet that if I ever slept with another man you’d divorce me, take the kids and hate me forever.”

“Hardly, I’d walk around with a giant hard-on from just thinking about it.” “Well then, think about it,” she teased.

“I promise I will if you promise you will.”

“I promise,” she said seriously as she kissed me goodbye.

When I returned that evening, I waited to see if she would pick our conversation up where it was left off. I didn’t wait long.

“I’ve been thinking honey, I wouldn’t know how to go about seducing some guy.” “Oh God Stacy! Does that mean you’re going to do it?”

“I don’t know if I actually can,” she said with real concern.

“If you do Stace, whether I’m there to watch or if you tell me all about it later, I can promise I’ll love you for it!”

“Really? Are you sure?” she asked seriously. “Trudy believes that men want their wives to be a ladies in public and whores in the bedroom. Is that what you want me to be?”

“Trudy’s right! I want you to be my whore honey.” For emphsais I added, “I honestly do!”

“Bob, for all the years we’ve been married, I thought I was being exactly the kind of woman you wanted me to be. Now, you tell me you want me to be just the opposite. How can I be both?”

“Think about it honey, we’re a thousand miles from home, you can do anything! Only you and I will know about it.” After a few minutes of silence I asked, “What do you feel like doing tonight?”

“Oh, you’ll probably think it’s a stupid idea . . . I’d love to do something we’ve never done before, like . . . oh, maybe see a really dirty movie.

“I think that’s great!”


Angela Gets Gangbanged

Let me relate to you what happened to myself and my lovely wife Angela a few years ago. I will start by describing us; we are both in our mid-thirties and enjoy an active sex life. Angela is 5’3?, 110 lb. 34c-23-35, has shoulder length curly blond hair striking blue eyes and a face reminiscent of Anna Kournakova. Having never had children her body is smooth and tight, like a 20 year old and is frequently mistaken for being much younger, her I.D. is frequently checked when we go to a out drinking.

Our adventure started when she related an incident that happen to her just before I met her when she was 18 years old. She was traveling with some friends when they stopped off in New York City for a visit. While there she met this black man named Lee. He was quite taken by Angela and asked her to go back to his place. She had never made love to a black man before so she was turned on by his attention and told her friends that she would catch up with them later. They went back to his apartment and made love all night. She enjoyed herself so much that she contacted her friend and told them that she was going to stay with him for a while and to go on without her.

Now the idea of my lovely woman making love to this black stud was enough to really turn me on, but nothing compared to what she told me next. It turned out that he was a pimp and after a few days of showering her with attention he somehow convinced her to participate in a gang-bang involving three men. The idea of beautiful Angela being ravished by three strangers got me very excited and I blurted out, “Boy, I would really like to see an instant replay of that night!” Angela was surprised by my reaction but judging from our hot love making that evening she asked me if I was serious. I told her I was and before long we were planning on how to make this happen. We decided to try and contact Lee and miraculously we were able to do just that through directory assistance. It turned out he was still in the sex business and might help us. After viewing a nude picture of Angela we sent him, he told us he could arrange to have this happen for us. We picked a weekend and booked our flight to New York.

Lee met us at the airport and drove us into his apartment in the city. As we unpacked he fixed us some drinks and we sat around and chatted. Lee was now a large middle aged man with a shaved head, not bad looking and very sure of himself. After fixing us a second drink, his mood turned serious, he looked at Angela and said:

“If we are going to do this I must insist on your total submission and that you be my whore for this weekend. You will fuck anyone and do anything I tell you to do, is that understood?”

Angela lowered her eyes and said, “For this weekend my body is not mine, it’s yours to use as you please. I will screw anyone and do anything you say.”

Lee said to me, “There will be interference from you, no matter what happens. These men have agreed to let you watch and we want no trouble, O.K.?

All I could do was croak “No problem.”


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