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Maggie and Sam

I was sitting at the bar and staring down into my cocktail, trying to ignore my roommate. Julie was all over this obnoxious frat guy, playing with her skirt and pushing her tits into his face. I was pissed at Julie at the moment and wanted nothing more then to go home. Normally I could identify with Julie, we were in college after all and she was one beautiful girl, not a physical flaw on her. I on the other hand was the “cute” friend. A little too short and a little too much hips. Maybe it jealousy on my part but Julie had a string of boyfriends that she treated like shit and they still lined up for more. Almost certainly she would go home with whomever she wanted. While I seem to always end up fighting off some drunken asshole or going home alone.

Just as Julie was getting ready to leave I noticed Sam in the corner. Sam was Julie’s last boyfriend until he caught her cheating on him. He was this awesome guy who treated her wonderfully. I always was attracted to him but he was dating my friend. I got up and sat down next to him.

“Hey Sam, How are you doing?”

“Hi, Maggie.”

He then slumped down into his drink. I could see him taking glances over at Julie. He looked so miserable. I wanted to reach out and grab him and kiss him. Tell him that he was better then her but I just sat there in silence. A voice came from behind me

“Mags, Billy and I are gonna hit the dance floor. Why don’t you come over and dance with one of his friends? Oh, hi Sam.”

She was being so obnoxious. She was rubbing this new guy in his face. I was disgusted and apparently so was Sam.

“Good night Maggie.”

Sam stood up and left the table. I got up as well and left Julie standing there with her idiotic frat boy and followed Sam out of the bar. I moved toward him and reached out and grabbed his arm. He turned around suddenly and looked up at me, sadly acknowledged me with his arresting eyes. Even with that heartbreaking puppy dog look on his face, something stirred within my stomach and shot through my body like wildfire. He was over six feet tall, almost a foot taller then me. He was dressed in faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt that clung to his chest. His dirty blond hair hung down to his broad shoulders. He was no model, but very masculine and I had always been attracted to him.

“Do you mind some company?” I asked timidly.

Sam smiled and looked down to the ground. He seemed so sad. I reached out and hugged him like I had done a thousand times before. But this time he pulled me in tightly like he was trying to get a hold of anything to keep himself from falling. In his arms I felt so safe and protected. I wanted him to confide his feelings too me but we stood there silently. I could feel a newfound attraction growing between us.

“Thanks Maggie, you’ve always been a good friend to me.”

“I’m just worried about you Sam and I wanted to keep you company.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine, I just think I should go home.”

“Well if you want to be with someone tonight, I’m here.”

Did I say that? I suddenly felt self-conscious. He just paused, placed his hand on my cheek and gently kissed my forehead.



College Fuck

Being in College can be a great thing, but it can also really drive you nuts. Take me for example. I’m 19, never been fucked and seeing all the lovely twenty-somethings walking around here makes my dick jump so much that my pants are almost bursting sometimes. No other women can make me feel like that except for Julie.

Julie’s a smoking girl. She’s little over 5 feet, maybe 100 lbs, gorgeous face, shoulder length auburn hair, size BB-C breasts and one dynamite ass. I’ve dreamed about making love to her, and one day it finally happens. About an Hour before our class starts, she walks up to me outside while I’m smoking one of my Camels. She’s wearing a tight black pants with the zipper on her backside, tight white shirt with a V neckline and a red half jacket. Needless to say, she was a vision of beauty to me.

She asks me, “Will, why are all men so messed up?”

“I don’t know, I know I’m not messed up, as least not that much. Why do you ask anyways?”

“My boyfriend broke up with me for some tall blond bimbo. He said that I’m not beautiful for him anymore.”

I was shocked. “How dare he!!! You’re very beautiful Julie. He doesn’t know anything about women, so just forget him. Trust me on this.”

“Thanks for the pep talk Will, but now what do I do?”

“Well…. If this does not offend you, I can say that personally, I think of you as very beautiful and attractive.”


Drunken Flirt Wife

My wife Beth at 45 was still a very attractive woman but at that age and having had two kids, her mid section was a bit heavier than she would have liked.

Our anniversary was due and I asked her what she would like as a present. I was startled by her reply. She wanted a tummy tuck and some liposuction. I assured her she was lovely just as she was, in fact I liked her extra meatiness. But she was adamant; she said it would make her feel better about herself. What could I say to that! Within a month it was all done. She had been looking into it and had all the costs and the ‘right’ doctor picked out to do it.

The following year we were on holiday and having lots of fun. Beth was drawing lots of admiring glances, and some downright blatant stares, in her very brief yellow bikini. I felt ever so proud of her, knowing all these men were lusting after her.

‘See! It was money well spent.’ She said. ‘It was the best anniversary present you could ever have given me.’

It was obvious she knew the power she had attracting men and she was relishing it. That evening we went to a club for some dancing. She was now dressing in keeping with her new figure. Mini skirt, bare midriff and a wrap around top that showed plenty of cleavage and of course no bra.

As the evening wore on her dancing had become more flamboyant. What with the admiring looks and the wine she was consuming. She did a lot of twirling her short skirt out to show off her thong briefs. She hadn’t bothered with stockings as it was quite warm there.

The men at the club were certainly taking an interest in her exhibitionistic displays. I could tell she was getting more and more drunk when she started saying things like ‘Look at them, their eyes following me like little puppy dogs. Oh I do love it!’

Then she shocked me when she sat down on the bench seat of our booth and lifted her foot up on the seat, pretending to adjust her shoe. Lots of guys must have got a good view of her barely covered pussy.

She then took a fit of the giggles and rested her head on my shoulder and fell fast asleep. A sure sign she was drunk. I roused her as best I could and at least got her on her feet and walking, though I did have to support her.

It was a lovely balmy summers night. As we walked through the hotel gardens the noise of the Jacuzzi caught her attention.

‘I wanna go in the Jacuzzi!’ She blurted out, pulling away from me. It was all I could do to catch her before she fell headlong into it.

‘You’re too drunk!’


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