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Hot Woman At The Bar

The bar was structured such that in order to get to the bar itself, one had to walk past all the booths and tables first. So when the door to Harry’s Bar opened, and the woman in the black dress walked in, all eyes were on her by the time she got to the bar.

The woman was luscious. She looked to be about twenty-five, slender and toned. Her legs traveled up and up from her four-inch heels, past the hem of her dress and did not seem to end until her armpits. She had a succulent ass that was hugged closely by the dress, and her narrow waist gradually tapered up to full breasts the size of melons. Her hair was long, black and gleaming, and her eyes were a stormy blue with long black lashes. Her body screamed come-and-get-me.

A whole host of men were already getting to their feet, preparing to jockey for her attentions. But she walked with a purpose that gave them all pause. She slid onto a bar stool next to a man already seated there, nonchalantly pulled out a cigarette and asked, “Got a light?”

The man had been nursing a drink. He was moderately attractive, but seemingly way out of her league. He looked startled, fumbled around in his pockets for a few moments, and then regretfully shook his head no. She had just asked, “So what’s a guy like you doing all by himself on a Friday night?” when one of the would-be pursuers flipped out a Zippo and held the flame up to her cigarette, which was still in her hand.

“Allow me,” he said. He was one of those men who had been a stud in high school and college, with a buffed-to-the-max body and a gorgeous face. He was well dressed and had a silky smooth voice. The man on the bar stool next to the woman was about to accept defeat and slink away quietly, when the woman spoke.

“Excuse me,” she said in a venomous tone. “Can’t you see I’m trying to carry on a conversation?” She then turned back to the man on the other side, who was frozen in his tracks, half on and half off the stool. He offered a weakly triumphant smile to the other man, who stamped away, obviously upset.

Another, equally attractive man from the same crowd approached her, and said, “Hey, baby, this guy’s a loser. Why don’t you come hang out with us?” He took a swig of his drink and smiled suggestively. He held out his own lighter.

She let him light her cigarette, and took a deep drag, forming a column of ash on the end. Leaning closer to him, she lowered her lashes, and he grinned, sensing victory. She then shocked him by tapping the column of ash into his drink, dropping the rest of the cigarette in whole, and watching as it fizzed out. “Get lost,” she said in a sultry tone.

The man at the bar was stunned. “I’m Lisa,” she smiled at him.

“John,” he said in an unsteady voice, and offered her his hand. She took it, and held it a bit longer than necessary.

“So, John,” she purred. “What do you say we disappear?” She looked at the men she had spurned a moment before and their friends, who were still staring. “I’d like to get to know you better, if you don’t mind.”

He managed to say that he didn’t mind at all, and would she like to go back to his place? The two exited Harry’s Bar, climbed into John’s small Ford and drove off toward his nearby house. No sooner had they entered the front door, than Lisa slammed the door, slid the bolt home and turned to John with a wanton look on her face.

“John, I have wanted you since I saw you. I have to have you, now.”

His eyes widened and he pulled her toward the bedroom. “Let’s get, uh, more comfortable,” he suggested.



Alex slowly pushed his rolling trash receptacle from desk to desk, stopping at each one to empty the small trash containers, dump the ash trays, and give each desk top a quick dusting if necessary! “Boy,” he thought to himself, “they all got MBA’s, but they still don’t know enough not to toss half filled cups of coffee into their trash cans.” Alex was in charge of cleaning three offices on the twenty eighth floor, one an insurance brokerage firm, another an import export company, and finally, the largest one, an invstment banking company, which happened to be the one he was working on right now! It was easy work, and by working nights he didn’t have the hassle of bad traffic, and he could also spend his days doing what he really loved, which was to paint. After coming to the end of the row, he ducked into a small private office and was in the process of dumping the trash when a memo written in red caught his eye! He picked it up and read, “Bolling Industries being sold within 60 days, stock currently at selling at 33 1/2, for sure price will double, maybe even do better than that. My advice is to buy in small lots using off shore and foreign accounts, if we do it right, we can make a half a million easy. Be careful. V.” Alex stared at the memo for a minute or two, letting the magnitude of what he was reading sink in. If, and this was a big if, if this was true, V was taking part in a little insider trading, a definite no-no. Alex shoved the crumpled note into his shirt pocket and continued with his rounds.

He got home at around six thirty in the morning, and as was his custom, he put on a pot of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table to read the morning paper, but his thoughts kept coming back to the memo he had found in V’s garbage. He sat down at his already booted up computer, went into his e-mail site and typed, “Am intrigued by your interest in Bolling Industries, let’s meet and see if we have anything else in common. Today at two p.m., at the coffee shop in your building. Don’t be late. A.” After hesitating a moment, he hit the send box, and his message was gone.

Nervously Alex sipped his cup of cappuccino while he waited for two o’clock and V to arrive. He kept looking at his watch, while wondering if this wasn’t a big mistake, and maybe he should just get up and leave when she appeared inside the front door and started surveying the crowd. “Here goes nothing,” he said to under his breath while standing up and motioning her over to his table. He had seen her before in her office when she was working late, and to say that she was a stunning woman would not have done her justice, with her short blonde hair, a beautiful face, and a figure to die for. When she reached his table she sat down and immediately tried to dominate the conversation. “I should have known,” she said while shaking her head, “the janitor, I never would have figured that, and by the way, you have nothing, who would ever believe you!?!” He leaned back in his chair after having let her vent a little and replied softly, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe someone down at the SEC might be interested.” “Humph,” she snorted, “all you have is a scribbled note, not a whole lot of proof, it’s nothing but air.” “Well,” he said smoothly, “maybe you’re right, but since Friday was a holiday, and your note was written on Thursday, and I didn’t find it until early Sunday morning, I think we can assume that your compatriot has already done the dirty deed, it shouldn’t be to hard for SEC boys to find out who’s been buying up Bolling shares over the weekend.” She looked at him hard for a moment and replied more softly, “How in the hell did a janitor get so smart?!?” “Oh, I don’t know,” he said smoothly, “maybe since he has an MBA in business he’s just a little sharper than the average janitor.” She slumped down in her chair a little and in a defeated voice asked, “Okay, what do you want!?!” He looked at her for a second and said to himself, “Gottcha.”

After leaving the coffee shop together, she took him by the arm and said, “Please tell me what you want, is it money, how much!?!” He looked into her arctic blue eyes and asked, “Tell me, Valerie, what color panties are you wearing!?!” “You can’t speak to me that way,” she gasped. “Really,” he said a matter of factly, “I think I can talk to you any damn way I please, and the question still stands, what color are they!?!” “I-I won’t tell you,” she blubbered, “it’s none of your business.” With his voice growing cold he offered, “Don’t test my patience, honey, I have a real knack at sending e-mails, and my first one is to the SEC and next one is to your boss.” With that last sentence sinking in all of the starch went out of her and she answered softly, “They’re white, white nylon!” Now taking her by the arm and leading her to the elevator he whispered, “See, wasn’t that easy, so tell me, Valerie, what size bra do you wear?!?” She gave him a dirty look and replied, “36D, if it’s any of your business.” While chuckling softly he retorted, “it is, baby, it is.”


Part Time Job

It had been over three weeks now since Lindy and her boyfriend had broken up and the sexual tension that had slowly been building up in her plump pussy was now becoming almost unbearable!!! Even her secretary had noticed that for the past several days she had barely been able to concentrate on her work!!! Ever since her freshman year at college, she had always had a boyfriend who would naturally take care of all of her sexual needs, but now for the first time in her life, she was going through a period of time without a man on the horizon!!! At five minutes to five, her secretary Betty popped her head into her office and asked, “Got a couple of minutes to spare, boss?!?” Looking up from the report strewn all over her desk she replied, “Sure, Betty, it’s almost five, come on in!” Taking a seat in front of the imposing desk she began slowly, “Uh, I don’t want to seem impetuous or any thing, but it’s pretty obvious that you are having a little difficulty with your break up with Stan!!!” Lindy was about to interrupt, but thought better of it and let her secretary continue, “I think I know exactly what you’re going through, because if you remember, the same thing happened to me about a year and a half ago!” Lindy nodded, and mumbled something about recalling such and event as Betty went on, “Well, I was climbing the walls after a couple of weeks without a man, but I found a solution that while it isn’t the thing you’d like to do everyday, it kept me from losing my mind!!!” At that point, Betty slid a copy of a magazine that covered all the adult night life in the city, and in large black print scribbled on the front cover was a page number!!! “I think that you should at least check it out,” she said while walking towards the door, “and one last thing, even though I have new boyfriend, once in a while when I get the urge, I go down and spend and hour or two just to get it out of my system, anyway, it helped me and I think it can help you, too!!!”

Lindy sat in silence while wondering what in the world Betty had been yammering about, but her curiosity got the better of her, however, and she quickly opened the magazine to the designated page and with an open mouth stared at the ad with the circle around it!!! After reading it at least three times, Lindy laid down the magazine and said out loud, “She’s nuts if she thinks I’m gonna do that, what kind of a girl does she think I am!!!” It was just about at that very moment, however, that the gnawing in her pussy became even so intense that she was forced to cross her legs to try and suppress the mounting tension!!! She then picked up the telephone and dialed the number listed in the ad and made an appointment!!!

She took a cab to the address given to her over the phone and entered a non descript office on the first floor where she was told by the receptionist to take a seat and someone would be with her in a few minutes!!! More than once she felt like getting up and running out to the street and to get away, but the tension and hunger in her vagina were making her contemplate doing things she never would had done in the past!!! All at once an inside office door opened up and a woman nodded and motioned her to come inside! After they both got comfortable the woman behind the desk asked, “Do you know what we do here at Pleasure Inc.???” “Uh, not really,” Lindy replied, “actually a friend of mine recommended you, all I know is what I saw in your ad!!!” Leaning back in her chair the woman, who was named Steffi explained, “We have a clientele, who demand absolute anonymity, so we here at Pleasure Inc., make sure that their needs are taken care of in a most discreet manner!!!” “Both our male and female members,” she continued on, “receive sexual gratification through small openings in a wall separating them from the providers!!!” “The only thing visible to either party is the sexual organs of the other, thus total discretion is assured!!!” “Being a provider for men,” she explained, “you will sit in a small cubicle and wait for a member to stick his penis through the opening onto your side of the wall, where you will either turn away from him and let him take you from the rear, or if he so desires, you will go to your knees a fellate him to completion!!!” “Of course,” she added, “you will be paid for your services at the rate of fifty dollars per customer, do you have any questions!?!” “Uh, how long does a shift last,” she asked softly, “I mean, how many men will I have to service?!?” “It varies,” Steffi replied, “we like you to be available for at least and hour at a time, but if for example you’d like to do a half hour on your lunch break we can probably fit that into our schedule, and as far as how many clients would you be servicing, it can be up to three or four and hour depending on how busy we get, but two is the norm!!!” Lindy’s head was spinning, how could she even be thinking about doing this, it was nothing more than glamorized prostitution, but incredibly, she heard herself asking, “C-could I start right away!?!” Steffi picked up her scheduling sheet and replied, “You’re in luck, we have an opening to fill right now, follow me!!!”


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